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On The Strip Radio Network

EMG’s public radio division, On the Strip Radio Network (OSN), creates and syndicates compelling and original radio and audio programming. By leveraging its strong relationships with the movie, television, music, and publishing industries, OSN is able to create programming that entertains and captivates listeners. OSN’s programs include non-commercial long form and specialty radio shows running 1-2 hours, and two-minute non-commercial features (ID Radio) which can be used in magazine shows and local programs as underwriteable inserts and placed between programs on HD channels, websites and social media platforms. All programs are made available to stations at no cost.

OSN has full in-house production, writing staff, clearance and station relations, business affairs and development, and creative teams. It produces programming that is focused and timely, resulting in a true “win-win” between our stations and listeners. Our programming consists of true multi-media, digital content for the web, mobile receivers, and terrestrial and satellite radio stations.

With its strong ties to the publishing industry, OSN is able to provide radio stations with premiums including books and CDs to support subscriber, fundraising, and station events.

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